Our experts have more than 40 years experience helping clients find the most economical and cost efficient solution to designing titanium piping. We understand the trade-offs of time and economy that project engineers have to make. We present those options to our clients.

  • Design system to meet customer specifications and applicable codes
  • Cost estimating
  • Project planning & coordination
  • Quality assurance validation (i.e. stress testing by 3rd party vendor)
  • Supervision of field welding
  • Knowledge/skill transfer for system maintenance


Leverage our long-term partnerships with distributors and get direct access to metal manufacturers to fill orders for any size of titanium piping systems. Through our sources we are able to put together complete packages that include all types of flanges, nuts & bolts and gaskets with one single purchase order.

  • Titanium pipe & fittings are certified to ASTM/ASME specifications. They may be certified to other codes on request.
  • Special services requests: cut-to-length, custom pipe bends and beveling
  • Standard and custom fittings including threaded & socket weld, branch outlet fittings, unions and threaded nipples
  • Paddle & spectacle blinds to ASME B31.3
  • Angle face rings
  • Long weld neck flanges
  • Instrumentation connections
  • Instrumentation tubing
  • Tube fittings


With our Houston-based warehouse supported by our long term relationship with titanium mills and manufacturers we are able to any size requirement from a single stub end to a complete plant system. This typically is for pipe and fittings but may include gaskets, nuts & bolts. Pumps & valves are specialties typically supplied by others.

  • ASME Section IX welders and weld procedures
  • ASME B-31.3 pipe design specifications
  • Field welding
  • In-house hydrostatic testing and dye penetrant testing
  • Certified Third party inspection – Radiography, PMI, plus other special testings per requirements

Titanium Flow Products maintains a small fabrication shop which includes machining and welding capabilities. Our welders have decades of experience withal reactive & refractory metals including titanium. We are able to do small, quick turn-around jobs for our customers. We limit our outside work to small, non-Code fabrications including pipe, tanks & subassemblies. Some examples of our work:

Machined nozzles with stainless quick disconnect clamps

One lot of Titanium Pipe Spools

Components for a 6” S/10 Sparger Assembly for a 40 foot diameter tank

Titanium Pipe Spool

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