We offer ASTM B-862 Welded Titanium Pipe to 24″

Per ASTM B862-14, “This specification covers the requirements for 33 grades of titanium and titanium alloy welded pipe intended for general corrosion resisting and elevated temperature service…” The specification covers pipe made from flat rolled product by a welding process. It covers pipe that is further reduced by hot or cold working.

Titanium Flow Products may stock welded pipe from 1” up; although, smaller diameters are generally stocked in seamless. Check with us for current stocks of seamless or welded and the lengths available.

It is important to note that there is a slight difference between 2013 ASME and the 2014 ASTM specification for welded pipe. “All pipe welded with filler metal intended for application under the rules of Section VIII, Div. 1 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code shall conform to the following: Manufacturer of such products are limited to manufacturers holding the appropriate ASME Certificate of Authorization and Certificate Mark.

In addition to conforming to this specification, the manufacturer shall meet all applicable requirements of Section VIII, Div. 1 of the Code… The applicable ASME Partial Data Report Form” must be completed and signed by an Authorized Inspector.

While the above covers all pipe made by forming and welding to be used in an ASME vessel, it usually only comes into play with larger diameter pipe. Smaller diameter is usually seamless or has been welded without the addition of filler metal. The buyer should be aware of the requirement and discuss it when placing an order if there is a question.

Since this pipe, if filler metal is used, is made under the rules of Section VIII, Div. 1, the formula for wall thickness is t= PR/SE+0.4P and the stress values are those of ASTM B-265 + Grade. In the case of Grade 2, you may use the @H values which may reduce the required thickness.

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