We offer Seamless Titanium Pipe & Welded Titanium Pipe in 1/2″ to 4″

Seamless Titanium Pipe: ASTM B861 Grade 2 / ASME SB-861 Grade 2

Welded Titanium Pipe: ASTM B-862 Grade 2 / ASME SB-862 Grade 2

(Note: other grades are available upon request)

UNS: R50400

  • Specified min. tensile 50 ksi, specified min. yield 40 ksi
  • Basic Allowable Stress in Tension at tension per ASME B31.3 – 2014 is 16.7 ksi @100oF
  • Titanium uses the “S” designated wall thicknesses – i.e. Schedule 40S.
  • Titanium is about 40% lighter than stainless steel. For instance Titanium Grade 2 6” S/40S is about 10.92 lbs. per foot and 304 Stainless is about 18.98 lbs. per foot.

Until about 1990, the ASTM specification for seamless and welded titanium pipe was ASTM B-337. At that time, the B-10 subcommittee on titanium determined that there should be separate specifications for seamless and welded titanium pipe. To avoid confusion, it was determined that there should be new specification numbers for each product. Seamless pipe was to be B-861 and welded pipe was to be B-862.

A third alternative is rolled & welded plate (see our discussion for this. If this is offered and to be used in an ASME stamped fabrication, it must be done with a partial data report.

Titanium pipe is widely used. It finds applications in seawater, chlorine production and many chemical processes. An important characteristic of titanium is its corrosion resistant oxide layer which repairs itself when damaged. This layer is also resistant to erosion often allowing greater velocity of the medium.

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