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Elbows are most commonly to ASTM B-363 WPT(grade number) W (if welded) titled “Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Unalloyed Titanium and Titanium Alloy Welding Fittings”. Quoting from the ASTM specification, “This specification covers fittings intended for general corrosion-resisting and elevated-temperature services, factory made from … titanium… The term welding fittings applies to butt-welding parts such as 45o and 90o elbows, 180o returns, caps, tees, reducers, lap-joint stub ends, and other types”.

The most common 90o elbow is the Long Radius (LR) Ell which has a center-to-face dimension the is 1.5 times the nominal diameter. This is the elbow that will commonly found in distributors’ inventories and is less costly than the short radius (SR) ells which have a center-to-face dimension equal to the nominal diameter.

Elbows in Schedule 10 & 40 will have a standard weld bevel on each end ready for fit-up and welding.

The normal stock of 90o Elbows is Long Radius (C-F dimension is 1-1/2 times the nominal diameter. For example, C-F dimension for Long Radius 12” Elbow is 18”). Short radius elbows are usually special order and cost about 1.5 times a LR Ell. When replacing rubber lined pipe with titanium pipe on a one-for-one basis, consider the layout because rubber lined elbows are often SR.

Up to about 8”, titanium elbows are formed from pipe. Above that they are usually “clam shells” formed from plate. Very large titanium elbows may be made in multiple sections if not offered as mitered construction.

Titanium elbows may be custom, 45o , 90o or 180o.

Please contact us for special requirements such as custom elbows or bends. At times it might be advantageous to consider bends to reduce welding & NDT.

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