We offer Titanium Face Rings & Angle Face Rings

As a logistical support company handling premium metals, Titanium Flow Products is looked to for items that fall into the “specialty” category. This includes Titanium Face Rings and Angle Face Rings. These items are rarely found in petrochemical plants but are found in pulp mills, particularly in the upper Midwest. If your plant uses Face Rings or Angle Face Rings and needs them in Titanium, please talk to us. We know what they are and can fill your requirement.

Face Rings are very straight-forward – a ring of a specific thickness & OD to be welded onto a pipe. Angle Face Rings in stainless steel are usually made from rolled angle; however, titanium angle is not generally available. For smaller Angle Face Rings, we machine them from bar or plate. For larger Angle Face Rings, we roll one piece the easy way and the make the other piece by Waterjet cutting from plate either in segments or a complete ring or , if large enough. By rolling the hardway. We then weld the pieces together and machine for a smooth gasket surface.

We have produced Titanium Angle Face Rings in titanium and nickel alloys as required.

Please discuss your requirements with us!

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