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Titanium is not an ANSI 16.5 material of construction, but titanium flanges offered in the marketplace typically are offered to the dimensions of the standard flange patterns or classes. In critical applications or in use for ASME pressure vessels, flanges should be designed per the current ASME Section VIII rules. The most common connection with titanium piping is with a stub end and Lap Joint flange.   Often Weld Neck and Slip-on flanges are specified for small diameter pipe connections. (Long Weld Neck flanges are a special case and discussed elsewhere).

When ordering titanium flanges, the severity of the service should be considered. Titanium flanges are usually made to order by machining bar, billet or plate. Consideration should be given as to the need of the hub. Eliminating the hub saves money because it reduces machining and material.

Blind flanges in small diameters are usually solid titanium. In larger diameters a stainless or carbon steel Flat Face Blind is lined with titanium often serving as the raised face. See below.

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