#1 Instrumentation Connection discussed above

#2 Quick Disconnect Sanitary Fittings. These were not available in titanium & the customer required a non-standard length. The clamps were stainless steel from the OEM, wetted parts were custom machined from titanium bar by Titanium Flow Products

#3 (Not pictured) Our customer needed to redesign a piece of equipment to include some instrumentation between a fixed piece of process equipment and existing piping. The space was very limited (approximately 3”). The process equipment had a threaded connection & the pipe was flanged. After carefully discussing the requirement, Titanium Flow Products proposed a modified stub end, threaded on one end and flanged with a Lap joint flange on the other end. Careful allowances had to be made for the gasket thickness and the make threading. Titanium Flow Products made a dozen – half in 316L and half in titanium. Each was a custom length to fit a specific connection.

We offer Titanium Instrumentation Connections

There is a wide array of items placed in pipe line to accomplish various tasks. Recently we were asked to provide  Titanium Instrumentation Connections which was not available in titanium since the manufacturer of this type connection was geared to high production in “standard” piping materials. Using the manufacturer’s catalog description, we worked with our customer to produce a standard connection except in titanium. Our customer was unable to take exact measurements because the existing connection was in service. With our “in-house” ability to machine and weld, we were able to quickly provide a titanium version.

If you are faced with a similar situation, please call us to discuss the requirement. We have the inventory, machining & welding capabilities and flexibility to help you solve your problems.

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