We offer Titanium Long Weld Neck Flanges

Titanium Long Weld Neck Flanges are available in Titanium. They are not, generally, a stock item among distributors but are custom made to order. Smaller LWN maybe produced by machining bar or billet and/or trepanning the core. The usual manufacturers are not set up to forge titanium, but have been willing to do so if there are enough to make it worth doing. We have provided LWN flanges by machining or a combination of welding and machining.

Since fabrication of LWN flanges is done on a custom basis, we are able to work with our customer to produce Long Weld Neck flanges in any of the configurations offered in the marketplace in standard alloys. We can offer any configuration a designer may need including special flange faces, lengths, tolerances, etc. We can assist in rating the flanges.

Since ASME B 16.5 does not include titanium as a material of construction, the flanges should be designed per the rules of Section VIII if they are to be used in a pressure vessel.

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