Paddle Blind. Alternatively, the handle may have a “Tee” shape at the end for lifting instead of the hole. This would be customer’s option. Most commonly, the handle is the same thickness as the flange & the Spectacle or Paddle Blinds are cut by Waterjet or plasma from plate. If there are special considerations, they should be discussed with the vendor.

We offer Titanium Spectacle Blinds & Titanium Paddle Blinds

Titanium spectacle blinds is plate cut into two discs of a certain thickness. The two discs are attached to each other by narrow connector section similar to the nose-piece of a pair of glasses. One of the discs is a solid plate, and the other is a ring, whose inside diameter is equal to that of a flange. A Paddle Blind is the solid half of the Spectacle Blind. The thickness of the blind half is based on calculations from ASME B 31.3 using the mechanical properties of the particular grade of titanium specified. Most commonly, the will be ASTM SB 265 Gr. 2H. The following information should be provided to the vendor to properly design the Spectacle Blind or Paddle Blind.

  • Design pressure and temperature
  • Class or pattern (e.g. Class 150, 300, etc.)

Gasket surface required – mill finish, spiral groove.

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