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Specification:  ASTM B-363 Grade __

                      ASME SB-363 Grade __

The most common connection for titanium pipe spools is a stub end and Lap Joint Flange. As with pipe the “S” schedules for stainless steel apply to the wall thickness. Standard stub ends come in two lengths – ASA (long) and MSS (short). Type A Stub Ends are most common and have a radius to match the radius of the Lap Joint Flange. Most titanium distributors stock the MSS length. A typical description would be: 10’ S/10S MSS Type A Stub End.

Larger titanium stub ends and those with non-stock wall thicknesses are often custom made by welding a lap ring to a piece of pipe. In such cases, it may be economical to consider purchasing a stub end to a length that saves a butt weld.

Consideration for the use of stub ends include using flange stops on the pipe behind the LJ flange to keep the flange in place. This is also useful for the fitter in the field because it helps provide a point of leverage when breaking gasketed pipe apart. Another variation could be flange guide where it is desirable to maintain the orientation of the flange.

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