Figure 1 10″ S/10S Equal Tee

Example of a short outlet tee

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Titanium Butt Weld Tees (ASTM B-363) come in the form of a full ANSI tee or what is referred to as a short outlet tee. The form of the tee is dependent on a couple of factors. For years it was only possible to get short outlet tees, but as the market expanded and demand for full ANSI tees grew, they became more available. Both suit the application and meet the codes but designers have to make dimensional adjustments for the short outlet. A third possibility is a branch-notch tee that is manufactured according to the rules of B31.3

Equal tees in Schdeules 10S & 40& are normally stock items. Reducing tees are more problematic and branch-notch is frequently offered as an alternative especially in short lead time situations.

Tees vary depending on the process used to make them. Until recently, titanium tees were generally available only as “short outlet”. That is, the outlet was drawn and had a radius, but it was not a full ANSI dimension. The C-F dimension should be clarified when ordering.

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