We offer Titanium Seamless Pipe ASTM B-861

According to ASTM B-861, the specification covers the requirements for 34 grades of titanium and titanium alloy seamless pipe intended for general corrosion resisting and elevated service… Titanium Flow Products generally stocks seamless Grade 2 pipe in sizes up to 4” Schedule 40 (please check with us since there is an overlap between seamless and welded that varies).According to ASTM B-861 – 14 orders shall include as required

  1. Quantity
  2. Grade number
  3. Nominal Pipe Size
  4. Diameter tolerance
  5. Length tolerance
  6. Method of manufacture
  7. Product analysis
  8. Mechanical properties
  9. Packaging
  10. Inspection & test reports
  11. Product marking

In practice reference to the ASTM specification, quantity, size, schedule & length are enough. However, if there are certain required items such as testing or chemistry, they should be discussed with the vendor(s).

According to ASME B31.3-2014 the basic allowable stress in tension for ASTM B-861 Gr. 2 (UNS R50400) with a specified min. strength in tensile is 50 ksi and yield is 40 ksi. The basic allowable stress, S, at the following metal temperatures in oF is

Temperature oF                   Allowable Stress (ksi)

100                                                      16.7

150                                                      16.0

250                                                      13.2

300                                                      12.1

350                                                      11.1

400                                                      10.3

450                                                      9.6

500                                                      8.9

550                                                      8.2

600                                                      7.6


Per B31.3, the calculation for pipe under internal pressure is


t = PD/ 2(SEW+PY)


where t is the minimum thickness

P is internal design gauge pressure

D is outside diameter of the pipe

S is the stress value

E is a quality factor from table = 1 for seamless pipe

W is also 1 for seamless pipe

Y is also a factor and is 0.4 for titanium pipe


It should be noted that as of the 2014 edition of B31.3, Grade 2H is not recognized. The ASTM specification does include Grade 2H with a minimum tensile of 58 ksi. Most Grade 2 production is Grade 2H.

Standard testing for this product includes tension, flattening

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